zi▓’s Kraal was burned.Relief● came on the 2nd362 April, when a f

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orce under Co●lonel Low, consisting of a nav●al brigade, the Argyll and Sutherland H●ighlanders, the Lanarkshire Regiment, detachment●s of the Buffs and 57th, the 37th, the ●60th, with some guns, rocket tubes, and Gatling▓s, etc., advanced as far as Ging▓hilovo, and these, when in laager, w●ere attacked by a force 10,000 strong,▓ who fought with the greatest bravery, ●closing up to the very rifles of ●the defender

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s; but the fire w●as too heavy, and when they ●fell back in disorder, a charge● of Barrow’s mounted irregulars complet●ed their discomfiture.They had lost 1200 men, a▓t a cost to their opponents of 9● men kill


ed and 52, including 2 officers, wounde●d.After the relief of Etschowe, the● force fell back to Ginghilovo and e●ncamped.As the right wing had fought a suc▓cessful battle and altered i●ts position, so the left w


ing was ●to copy its example.For Colonel Wood, lea●ving Fort Tinta and entrenching at ▓Kambula, made many raids thence, including ▓that to the Inhlobane Mountain, a fam▓ous natural fastness of the Zulus, where t

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    he na▓tives had been for some time ▓collecting.Here the force was atta▓cked by a strong Impi formed in a line of ▓five contiguous column

    s, forming the “chest” a▓nd “two horns,” covered by skirmishers; bu▓t, owing to a series of unfortunate mis●understandings, the retirement w●as effected in some disorde

    r a▓nd with much loss.Nearly all the Border▓ Horse were slain, as also was our s▓taunch Boer ally, “splendid, man●ly, honest, s

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    imple, and taciturn Piet Uys▓, whose fathers, uncles, and cousins fough▓t and fell in the old war with Dingaa●n”; while 15 officers and

    7▓9 men were killed, and 1 officer and 7 men wou●nded.But Colonel Buller, Lieutenant Lys●ons, and Private Fowler, for distinguish●ed bravery, earned the Victoria Cross▓.Su

    ccess emboldened the Zulu● chieftains, and, pushing on, they attacke●d the Kambula laagers on the 20th March,● with 25,000 men, a

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oxes, me●alie sacks, and bags of In

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remaining at Etschowe and fortify

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joined b▓y Wood’s column


, and, leaving


● one battalion of the 24th to gu